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  The Art of Pablo Casals 3LP
연주자    : Pablo Casals
레이블    : EMI
녹음       : Only MONO
음반번호 : RLS 723
음반상태 :
음반수    : 3 LP
판매가    : 75,000원  


■ Track List
Record 1
[SIDE 1]
Boccherin - Cello concerto in B flat major
Pablo Casals, cello
London Symphony Orchestra
conducted by SIR Landon Ronald

[SIDE 2]
Brahms - Double Concerto in A major, Op.102
Jacques Thibaud, violin
Pablo Casals, cello
The Pablo Casals Orchestra, Barcelona
conducted by Alfred Cortot

Record 2
[SIDE 1]
Mendelssohn - Piano Trio No.1 in D minor, Op.49
Jacques Thibaud, violin
Pablo Casals, cello
Alfred Cortot, piano

[SIDE 2]
Schumann - Piano Trio in D minor, Op.63
Jacques Thibaud, violin
Pablo Casals, cello
Alfred Cortot, piano

Record 3
[SIDE 1]
Boccherin - Adagio & Allegro
with Blas Net, piano
Tartini - Grave ed Espressivo
with Blas Net, piano

DvoraK - Songs my mother taught me
Rimsky-Korsakov - The Flight Of The Bumblebee
with Blas Net, piano

Bach - Aria
with Otto Schulhof, piano

Haydn - Tempo di Minuetto
with Blas Net, piano

Schumann - Traumerei
with Otto Schlhof, piano

[SIDE 2]
Beethoven - 7 Variatins on "Bei Mannern"
with Alfred Cortot, piano

Bach - Andante
with Blas Net, piano

Mendelssohn - Song without words in D major, Op.109
with Blas Net, piano

Vivaldi - Largo
with Blas Net, piano

Valentini - Gavotte
De Laserna - Tonadilla
with Blas Net, piano

■ Label & Detail info
EMI - RLS 723
1927~36년 Only MONO (SP복각반) / Pressed in England
3LP Boxset, Original inner sleeve, Bookelt

■ Condition
Cover : EX
Record : All NM

※ Grading System* = Goldmine Grading System
NM (near mint 90~100%) 콜렉션용 추천, 신품에 가까운 완벽한 상태
EX (exellent 80~89%) 추천, 미세한 사용감이 있으나 매우 양호한 상태
VG (very good 60~79%) 가격대비 추천, 약간의 잡음이 있으나 감상에 지장없는 양호한 상태
G (good 50~59%) 선별 추천, 감상이 충분히 가능하지만 잡음에 민감하신 분 비추천
(등급내에서의 세분화 상태 표기는 + - 추가)

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